Hire Our VIP Escorts for Their Role-Play Creativity

Our VIP escorts are experts in role-playing and other games to engage with the client. For most clients, they want to push their sexual boundaries. Therefore, they opt for role play and take pride in their sexual stories.

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Pirate and Hostage

One of the most popular role plays among our VIP escorts and their clients is the pirate and hostage. Both individuals can do a lot in the situation. The creative boundaries are endless. If comfortable, the escort and client can play with ropes. The hostage is tied up, and the pirate is ready to explore. Command the escort to walk the plank to meet the wet waters.

Student and teacher

The VIP escorts will raise their hand if they have a crush on their teacher. The student/teacher role-play is also quite engaging. The scenario is the perfect dynamic where the teacher holds all the power. They can spank the escort. On the other hand, the girl will bring the apple for the teacher. You can reverse the roles to punish the client if they do not do their homework.

Two strangers

Two strangers meet on a random night to explore each other and never meet again? This is the perfect role-play where VIP escorts act aloof. Furthermore, the scenario is not limited to the bedroom. It is time to leave your comfort zone and do things out of the ordinary. How about a quick encounter in the restroom or a car?

Boss and Secretary

Another role play that has an excellent power dynamic is the secretary and boss. VIP escorts know that being intimate with a supervisor is wrong. But not in this case! When the partner is consensual, you enjoy the different scenarios in the office. The client can rip out your blouse. You can wear a suit with colorful lingerie to make it more memorable. The escorts will perform oral acts under the desk, too.

Doctor and Patient

Doctor/patient role-play is perhaps the best scenario the VIP escorts and the client enjoy. At Asian Escorts NYC, we give full authority to the girls to be created. The escort and client can examine each other bodies. There is insertion and nipple play as well.

Massage and clients

Role play with massage involves everyone getting wet. Our VIP escorts have the right massaging skills so that the client can lie back in a calming environment. The girl will light a candle and have the client choose the oil. The climax is super intense when the client and masseuse each receive a happy ending!

Why Hire Asian Escort NYC?

  • Our VIP escorts ensure the highest quality of experiences for the clients.
  • Secondly, the agency is committed to providing companionship and not just intercourse.
  • We select the perfect escort according to grace and beauty.
  • In addition, the VIP escorts are perfect for the clients to take out to a social gathering. They will accompany you to business functions and corporate gatherings.
  • Lastly, Asian Escort NYC is dedicated to providing customized services according to the client's requirements.

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