Get To Know Our Affordable Footjob Escorts Who Striptease

Unfortunately, men cannot share their kinks with others because they do not feel comfortable in their skin. They fear being judged and laughed at by their friends. Therefore, they try to avoid kink shaming and uneasy public situations.

If you wish to avoid feeling uncomfortable, Asian Escorts NYC has your back. You can share kinks with our footjob escorts, which will normalize what you see online. You can ask them to striptease to enhance the experience. Hire our girls for the following reasons.

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What is a feet fetish?

Our footjob escorts understand the client’s fixation on the fetish. Asian Escort NYC are comfortable with clients who are sexually aroused when they think someone will touch or suck their feed. The act of pleasuring their feet brings them insane joy.

We understand some clients are only admiring feet. On the other hand, some clients request our footjob escorts for specific roles.

A foot bath

Asian Escorts NYC will send girls to your address at the given time. The footjob escorts will draw you a bath by partially filling it. In the next step, they will add bath salts. The escorts will use aromatic soaps to heighten the senses. If the client is super curious, they will ask you to take a bath together. They will ask the escort to bathe and clean their feet. The roles can be switched as well.

Feet play

Furthermore, the footjob escorts will also use warm and cold sensations. They will use different massage oils. Essential oils are also an excellent idea.

After hiring our girls for a long time, Asian Escorts NYC clients become more confident in sharing their kinks. They have been seeing their favorite girl perform a striptease and other acts so they feel comfortable. Here are some of the suggestions:


Footjob escorts are often told to wear accessories. Clients love them in high heels and stockings. Many receive relevant gifts that the girls wear on the next date. The clients can request the girls to wear specific girls on their nails.

Oral feet acts

Footjob escorts use the mouth to perform acts on the feet as well. They can suck the client’s toes according to their liking. Furthermore, they can kiss the feet if the client likes a powerful dynamic. After performing a striptease, the girl can nibble on her feet as well.

Combining interests is also a great suggestion to hire footjob escorts. If the client enjoys BDSM and expects the escort to be in the dominant position, the girl can press your feet. It will make the client more submissive. However, the client and escort must establish consent and boundaries before engaging in activities.

Reasons to contact Asian Escort NYC

  1. The escorts and service providers handle relationships discreetly. Everyone is professional.
  2. You can meet up with the girls and enjoy their engaging conversations. The escorts are delightful companions.
  3. Asian Escorts NYC aims to exceed their and the client’s expectations for a lasting impression.

Hire Asian Escort NYC today

Contact the service today to hire high-quality footjob escorts. You will be amazed by their striptease positions. Book an appointment today to launch an unforgettable dating experience with a partner who accepts your kinks. Asian Escort NYC is reachable via phone and email for your queries.