Why Are Massages by Nuru Girls So Popular?

Nuru is a Japanese word that means slippery. Another one of its meanings is smooth. Nuru massage is an erotic act that is performed by escorts. The massage has a Japanese origin. It requires the masseuse to use their complete body to please the client.

The massage has some of the most physical contact compared to traditional acts. Nuru girls in NYC perform the massage on a table, bed, or even a mattress. The massage requires a special gel, which you will learn later on. The massage is suitable for all genders. It is an integral part of the Japanese culture. Here is everything you need to know

What are Nuru girls known for?

Nuru girls are known for offering a Nuru massage, which has amazing health benefits. The clients will experience a huge change internally. Nuru massage is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, it is the answer to stiff muscles. You will heal faster from injuries.


Increases intimacy

Some couples or single clients prefer Nuru massage to improve their love live. The massage incorporates a magic gel and getting close to your partner. Nuru girls in NYC perform the massage to make the client feel comfortable in their skin. It will improve emotional connections with the partner.

Sexual satisfaction

When the massage is being performed by Nuru girls NYC clients are pleased with the sexual satisfaction. Furthermore, the massage also has a sensual nature associated with it. Nuru massages increase the desire for sexual encounters. It leads to extreme arousal, which results in repetitive clients. They will ask for Nuru girls with the highest satisfaction rate.


Best for your skin

After massage by Nuru girls NYC clients will discover they have smooth skin. This is because of the massage gel and lubricants used. The oil used in the Nuru massage is made from Nori seaweed. The extract does not have a smell or a taste. However, it does stain the sheets and clothes. It can damage the fabric as well. The oil has natural aloe extracts, which are necessary for moisturization.

No more stress.

Nuru girls in NYC are popular for massage because it eliminates stress. The girls will work on the client’s thumbs, fingers, and elbows. They will massage the knees as well. In addition, the girls will massage other points of pain. The massage improves the neurotransmitters in the brain by reducing stress. It will eliminate anxiety by increasing the production of serotonin. Dopamine levels rise.


Excellent for erection

Lastly, Nuru massage is very close and intimate due to its acts. When performing a massage by Nuru girls NYC clients are pleased with the strong erections. The massage stimulates the nerves inside the penis. It alerts the genitals and leads to a better orgasm.


Where to hire Nuru girls in NYC?

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